The 0872KX Gauna was encountered in the Lem star system by Sidonia. Named after the asteroid in which is lived, it inhabited the asteroid, using it as a natural shield to prevent Gardes from penetrating its true body. Using the new Tsugumori Mk. 2, Nagate was able to penetrate the Gauna's defenses and pierce the Ture Body, foaming the Gauna - and its remaining explosive placental balls.

0872KX gauna

The Gauna hiding in asteroid 0872KX

Biology Edit

0872KX's outer shell is a hard, rock-like coating that comes from the original asteroid. Inside of the asteroid lurks the Gauna itself, protected from the Garde shots. There is a single True Body residing within the Gauna.

Gauna 0872KX has the ability to detach pieces of its placenta and use these pieces like sticky bombs or grenades, attaching the pieces of placenta to Gardes. When threatened, it created numerous bombs, using them as a shield between itself and the attacking force.

Using alternating layers of placenta and husk, Gauna 0872KX was able to withstand its own explosions.