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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Cover.png
Title Tanikaze Nagate's First Sortie
Kanji 谷風長道の初陣
Rōmaji Tanikaze Nagate no Uijin
Chapter Information
Volume Number 1
Chapter Number 2
Release Information
Pages 30
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Short Summary

Tankizake is put to the test, both by society, through Guardian pilot training and on his very first mission.

Long Summary

Tanikaze Nagate has begun to settle into his new home, however the citizen's of Sidonia are not taking well to him. Frequently his is harassased, teased about his smell and a bag of deodorizer is even left in his locker.

However Tanikaze manages to make a friend in Shinatose Izana, who is a member of the third sex that has developed on Sidonia.

At training, Tanikaze undergoes his very first training simulation since going topside. This virtual training is different from the older ones he is used to and he is left as Unranked.

Despite this, he is soon sent out on a mission with other trainees. Where he gets to pilot Tsugumori for the first time. The training mission is meant to be a simple resource gathering excursion where the two teams go out to collect vital resources by mining ice from a nearby asteroid.

While out on the asteroid, a Gauna breaks through the ice. It's surprise attack kills one of the trainees, and damages Tsugumori. Inside, Tanikaze is shown as he flatlines.