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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Cover.png
Title Yamano Eiko's Starry Sky
Kanji 山野栄子の星空
Rōmaji Yamano Eiko no Hoshizora
Chapter Information
Volume Number 1
Chapter Number 3
Release Information
Pages 33
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Short Summary

The first blood is drawn, and the first lose is felt.

Long Summary

The Chapter opens to show the Guardian trainees in class, going over the best way to take out a Gauna. Stating that you would need to open a hole in it's body and attack the central tissue with a substance that would cause a rejection.

Of such weapons capable of doing this however, there are only 28. The Kabizashi spears.

The flash back continues forward, with Tanikaze practicing and Shinatose appearing to state that they would finally be going out on a mission. Shinatose asks to shake his hand though, as they are likely to perform a palm position and many pilots believe it to be a jinx to perform the position with someone you've never touched before. Shinatose tried to also convince fellow trainee Yamano to do this, but she declines, believe that superstitions are for kids.

Flashing back farther, we see Trainee Yamano being congratulated by people in her small town for becoming a Guardian pilot.

Flashing forward, we see Trainee Yamano as she is eaten by the Gauna who surprised the trainees while out on their mining mission.

Tanikaze is still in critical condition and the trainees are without the nesessary weapons to defeat the Gauna. Kobayashi orders them to fall back, leaving Tanikaze behind so that the ship can fire a heavy-mass cannon.

Just as the order is given, Tanikaze manages to revive and break free of the Gauna, taking it on in battle as it's placenta reforms. Taking on the visage of Trainee Yamano. However he fights a losing battle. Before he is taken out by the Gauna's weapon and the incoming heavy-mass missile Hoshijiro comes in and pulls him out. The two using the boosted power of the palm position to escape.