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A chimera (from the Greek word Χίμαιρα) refers to a monster composed of three animals - a lion, a snake, and a goat. In Knights of Sidonia, a chimera (融合個体 Yuugou Kotai) refers to a being created from human sperm and egg cells, implanted within the womb of a placental human (a human being created from placenta). The end result is a creature with the intelligence and ego of a human and the power and durability of a Gauna.


A chimera contains human-like organs and skeletal structure, including features like eyes, teeth, a brain of sorts, and various others. All of the components of a chimera, however, are built out of specialized placenta. This means, that none of the chimera's organs are essential to it's survival. Attacks that destroy vital organs, such as the brain or eyes, only incapacitate the chimera until the placenta regenerates those organs.

All chimeras, like pure gauna, contain a True Body.

The first chimera, pierced by a Kabizashi.

Featured Chimeras

  • The First Chimera
The first chimera was created by the infamous scientist Ochiai, a member of the Immortal Ship Committee. The first chimera ran out of control, and was killed when a Guardian thrust a Kabizashi through the chimera's True Body. Scientist Ochiai insisted that the chimera was just a child and did not know what she was doing.
The first successful stable chimera of Ochiai. Although feared at first, she quickly proved to be an invaluable asset in the war-front as well as a friend to Nagate.
Through the success of Tsumugi, Ochiai attempted a more ambitious project by installing far deadlier weaponry into the next creation, but Kanata is still a child and lost control of its own body, forcing Ochiai to cease its brain functions until they could work out the problems.


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