Eiko Yamano (山野 栄子) was a fellow Garde Pilot who Nagate meets early on in the story, piloting a Guardian alongside Nagate in their first mission. She was killed after awakening a Gauna, ending the 100 years of peace.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Yamano was a curt and strict trainee who seems to be hostile to Nagate when he first appears. She is the first pilot from her small town and the town had great pride in her accomplishment. Yamano herself is more reserved, career-driven, and worries that she will let her neighbors and friends down. Because of this, she doesn't allow anyone or anything affecting her performance. Coming from a small town, a lot of pressure was on her shoulders to succeed, which may or may not have affected her attitude towards others, especially subordinates.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Little is known about Yamano's abilities since she was killed early in the story. It can be assumed however that she was skilled, seeing as how she had become a garde squad leader, and she knew history well. However, encountering her first Gauna, her life flashed before her eyes.

Image & AppearanceEdit

Like most of the other female trainees, Yamano wore the same female uniform. She had light brown hair/red reaching above her shoulders, styled into a bob cut. She also had light brown eyes.


Early DaysEdit

Yamano was the first gardes pilot of her hometown, giving great pride to her family, friends, and fellow cadets. Because of the high expectations, she reacted with hostility if she felt a person could threaten her status.

Mining Incident & DeathEdit

Yamano was notable in that she was the first pilot to be killed by Gauna in 100 years. Murdered by the Gauna 487 within seconds of its appearance, she was ripped free from her Guardian and swallowed whole by the Gauna. The Gauna then mimics her appearance, using her unsettling visage to shake and confuse the other Guardian pilots.


Slaughtered by the Gauna, she remained a recurring nightmare for Nagate for some time after the awakening of 487,as he was left with the image of the Gauna mimicking her form before being squashed by one of Sidonia's Mass Driver Cannons. Nagate later avenges Yamano by vaporizing the Gauna through a well-place Kabizashi strike.

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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Early into the mining sortie, she told herself "whatever you do, do not hesitate." Ironically, she freezes upon sighting Gauna 487, and such was killed in action.

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