The Gauna Benisuzume's righthand Claw

The Garde-shaped Gaunas, in particular Benisuzume, make use of their Garde-like gauntlet hands to smash and destroy Gardes.


Benisuzume rips out Hou Honaka's cockpit

When not using her Gauna Particle Cannon, Benisuzume uses her clawed ena hands to completely destroy human Gardes with ease. Using her claws, she ripped out the cockpit of Hou Honaka's Garde with one strike. Later, Benisuzume slaughtered the strike team sent to kill the Large Mass Union ship, either with her Gauna Particle Cannon or her deadly claws.


There is almost no way to survive a hit from Benisuzume's claws. By the time you see them, it's too late.


Tanikaze rescues Ren from certain death.

In the first Benisuzume encounter, after Hou's death, Ren Honaka pursued the gauna, but was caught and pinned. Just before Benisuzume could strike however, she was driven off by the timely arrival of Nagate Tanikaze. Later, in the battle with the Large Mass Union ship, Benisuzume slaughtered the first squad and would've killed off the second squad if Nagate hadn't drawn her away.

In short, if you're close enough to see the claws, you're screwed.


  • The claws seem to easily tear up Garde armor. Perhaps Gauna can change their ena from soft and flexible to rigid and hard as steel.
  • Compared to the robotic fist of a Garde, the claw adds to the overall bestial appearance of Benisuzume.
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