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The Large Mass Union Ship's point defense "turrets".

"Hold on a second... that looks like a Heigus Particle Cannon... and that red light looks like it's from a Heigus accelerator... so that means..."

-Nagate Tanikaze-

This advanced weapon is created by individual Gauna changing their body to fire Heigus Particle Beams at attackers.


Since Gauna live on Heigus energy, they can shapeshift to project this energy into a powerful red laser beam. The weapon seems to vary in effect, from merely overloading and shutting down a Garde to completely destroying it. The Large Mass Union ship bristles with these artificial cannons, and Benisuzume uses one.


This weapon is very deadly, and must be heeded with extreme caution. 


Despite being very accurate (which is surprising, as the Gauna do not have the aide of aiming technology), the lasers can be dodged. The safest place to be is at a low altitude, the higher up an attacker is, the higher the risk of a hit.


Each cannon is an individual Gauna, so each one can be killed with a Kabizashi or a Super High Speed Ballistic Acceleration Device. However aiming and evading fire at the same time is difficult, if not hazardous.


When the cannon Gauna is preparing to fire, it gathers Heigus energy. Once all this energy has gathered, a Garde can fire a particle beam straight into the firing assembly. This causes an explosion, blasting off a large amount of ena, instantly exposing the core. Nagate Tanikaze used this method to kill Gauna 487.


  • While the human Particle cannons fire a blue beam, Gauna cannons fire red beams. Why this happens is never said, it is mostly for distinction.
  • The Gauna Particle Cannon resembles a banana half peeled open.