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The massive Gauna Pod Tail dwarves the strike team.

"The Gauna Pod has turned its attention to the tail! Get your squads out of there!"

-Ichirou Seii-

This massive structure lies at the rear end of a Gauna pod.


The Gauna Pod Tail obliterates three Gardes in one swing.

At first the structure may seem useless, but the Gauna pod can make use of its Tail to smash Gardes to scrap metal. It uses size and mass to destroy. It also distracts, forcing the Gardes to divert resources to remove it. The Tail itself contains no cores, its hosts are elsewhere in the pod.


The Gauna Pod Tail may seem ungainly and slow, but just a grazing hit can rattle a Garde so roughly the pilot inside can be badly injured, even killed.


Fortunately the Tail is slow enough to be dodged. However, Nagate Tanikaze had a laspe in focus, and the tail badly injured him and broke his Garde.


Norio Kunato's team places their charges on the Tail

A strike team led by Norio Kunato was sent in to break off the Tail by placing a dozen explosive charges in a ring around the base. This proved disastrous and ultimately failed due to the unsynched detonations. This was a setup by Kunato, who caused this event to get back at Tanikaze getting to pilot the Tsugumori.

Killing the host core

Like with any Gauna, singular or combined, killing the cores, either one by one or taking out the main host core, will kill the Gauna, including the tail.


  • The Gauna Pod Tail seems to have no effective use, it's almost too ungainly to be a weapon.
  • A tube or vein of some sort is coiled around the Tail, similar to the tube around a Gauna core.
  • The Gauna Pod itself was 830 meters long, and over a third of that was the Tail.