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Gauna 487 weaves a massive wed of deadly tentacles

"Watch out for the tentacles! All Gardes, SCATTER!"


Gauna tentacles are the typical Gauna's primary offensive and defensive weapons.


The typical Gauna can change its ena to make massive tentacles. These appendages can stretch to be miles long, and are strong enough to crush a Garde to peices. A Gauna can simultaneously control dozens, even hundreds of tentacles at once. The tentacles seem able to impale Gardes in spite of their armor, meaning the ena is not only immensely flexible, but very tough. The tentacles also regenerate quickly. It is unkown if the Gauna use the tentacles for anything not combat related.


A set of Gauna tentacles skewer Izumo Midorikawa's Garde

These primitive appendages are not to be underestimated, as they can easily catch and destroy a Garde and kill a human being. A number of weapons and tactics can be used to destroy or avoid them.


Nagate Tanikaze "rolls with the punches" in his more aggressive tactics.

The tentacles are very fast, but can be dodged by a decent pilot. Nagate Tanikaze however uses a different approach. He waits for the tentacles to almost hit him, and then he steps into the attack. This way the tentacles overreach, and the Garde can charge for the core.

High Vibration Blades

Akai cuts Momose lose with his HVBs

If a tentacle cannot be dodged, a Garde comes equipped with High Vibration Blades. These weapons are mounted on each arm, and slice through the ena appendages like butter.

Heigus Particle Cannon

This energy beam can cut through the ena tentacles with ease, but it can be a waste of energy as tentacles regenerate the fastest.


  • How the the Gauna can target small moving targets like Gardes without the aide of technology is unknown.
  • Each tentacle may have a brain of it's own in the core.