The Graviton Radiation Emitter (sometimes called the Gravitational Beam Emitter) is a futuristic technology conceived by Ochiai, and first used by the chimera Kanata.

Origins Edit

Ochiai researched the possibility of a Graviton Radiation Emitter for hundreds of years, spending time attempting to create the device. Used as a weapon, it has tremendous destructive potential, smashing through megastructure, moons, and Gauna with ease. Ochiai was never able to create the weapon, until given the unlimited creative potential of Gauna placenta.

Graviton radiation emitter

The first Graviton Radiation Emitter

The first Graviton Radiation Emitter was grown into the chimera Kanata, installed as his right eye. Grown using Gauna placenta, it is strongly hinted that the structure of the emitter was grown from the second Placental Hoshijiro, and then installed into Kanata.

First Firing Edit

After the chimera Kanata broke free from Sidonia's control, it fired its Graviton Radiation Emitter in rage and confusion. This first firing blasted an enormous hole through Sidonia's outer hull, striking one of Lem IX's moons, and shattering the moon. Showing power unseen to either Sidonia or the Gauna, it promised to be the ultimate weapon for Sidonia - once they could control it.

The Second and Third Graviton Radiation Emitters Edit

After the Mizuki's shakedown cruise, construction of the second and third Graviton Radiation Emitters was completed. Made entirely from mechanical parts, they no longer relied on placenta for their construction. Built by Toha Heavy Industries, these emitters were carefully protected by Sidonia and used multiple times in the Large Mass Union Ship Assault.

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