Sidonia no Kishi Wiki

Sidonia fires one of its formidable IPMs.

"We'll launch a surprise attack while we have distance. Use an Interplanetary Missile."

"An... an Interplanetary Missile?"

"Is that not sufficient?"

-Kobayashi and Yuhata Midorikawa-

The Interplanetary Missile is massive computer guided rocket designed to destroy planets and asteroids from long range with a single shot.


Surprise Attack

Rogue Planet N68203L about to be annihilated.

After the battle with the 28 core Gauna Pod, one pod escaped. Commander's Aide Yuhata Midorikawa tracked its trajectory to a gas giant entitled "Rogue Planet N68203L". Kobayashi orders a long range strike with an Interplanetary missile to take out the planetoid, forcing the Gauna into the open. The IPM was launched from 3,000km (1684 miles) and caught the Gauna by surprise.  Unfortunately they were unharmed, and the three Garde-formed Gauna emerged.

Asteroid Disposal

Later in the series the Sidonia encounters the mind bogglingly gargantuan Large Mass Union Ship Gauna pod. Scans revealed the 200+ core pod had swallowed an asteroid and was heading for Sidonia. An IPM was launched to take out the asteroid, but everyone knew the missile's approach would be seen by the LMU, and destroyed or evaded. A 48 unit Garde strike team with SHS-BADs were dispatched to immobilize and kill the host core before the IPM could be stopped. The mission was a success, humanity had killed it's largest Gauna yet, and the asteroid was vaporized.



The massive IPM ready to launch...

The IPM is an enormous rocket outsizing even the Heavy Mass Cannon's round. It is designed to fly to the target, sink into the ground, and burrow to the planet's core. There it's high pressure implosion warhead detonates, causing the planet's magnetic core to collapse and the planet's gravity is disrupted. The rest of the planet simply disperses into space. One hit from an IPM renders even gas giant planets clouds of harmless dust.


The missile is not meant for use against Gauna, and is in fact very vulnerable to them. It can be shot down with Gauna Particle Cannons  or evaded due to it's relatively low speed.


  • IPMs seem to only be launched from the front end of the ship.
  • There are at least seven partitions for IPMs to be launched from.