Izumo Midorikawa (緑川 出雲 Midorikawa Izumo) was a senior pilot and a member of the Akai squad, and the elder brother of Yuhata Midorikawa.

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Izumo is fairly likeable. He gets along well with his team and with Tanikaze. However his Achilles' Heel seems to be his sister. Not so much to his fault, but he feels she makes a fool of herself and he is rather controlling of her.


Like all other pilots, he often wears his pilot's skin suit. However he wears a uniform to go see Tanikaze, and when they all went to the sea he wore a black uniform. His hair and eyes are dark green, just like his sister's.


Izumo was a senior pilot, like the rest of his four-man squad. They returned to the academy to speak to Tanikaze and get some intell on their first Gauna. Little is known of Izumo other than his relationship with his sister.



Izumo's moment of death

In the ensuing battle with gauna 487, Izumo assisted his team in carving off the ena to expose the core. Once Akai was KIA, everything fell apart, and he tried to prevent Momose getting herself killed. As he takes off to rescue her, Aoki is left by himself, and dies off screen. In his furious attempt to save Momose, he takes an attack meant for her now still body. A tentacle punctures clean through the cockpit, skewering him. His last words were "run... Momose..." before he died and his Garde blew up. He and his team were mourned on the Sidonia, but he left behind a broken hearted little sister.

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Notes & TriviaEdit

  1. "Midori" means "green" in Japanese.
  2. Ironically, he mentions that the mission to kill Gauna 487 could be Akai squad's last, which it was.
  3. His call number is 004, making him the fourth highest ranking Garde pilot on the ship.
  4. Izumo is a place of major significance in the legends of the “Kojiki.” 

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