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Kabizashi are the spear-like weapons which can pierce and destroy a Gauna's True Body. It is composed of a Kabi, Placenta and a handle. A limited number of Kabizashi exist in Sidonia, making them extremely valuable; extreme measures are taken to retrieve any lost in battle.


The Artifact

The Kabi (穎 lit. 'Lemma') were found approximately 600 years before the current storyline in the Kabi Deep Space Artifact. Found in the center of the Artifact, the first glimpses of their power came from the accidental piercing of a Gauna by a Kabi shard. A limited number of shards were found, which in turn limited the number of Kabizashi that could be created.

Artificial Kabi

The chimera from which artificial kabi are created.

Artificial Kabi are created from a chimera (human/placenta hybrid) within Sidonia. Like Kabi, the chimera emits radiation waves which attract Gauna. Unlike Kabi, they can be mass-produced in high enough quantities to be turned into a ballistic weapon for Guardians. These ballistic items can be fired by Guardians to provide a long-range counter for the Kabizashi.

Later in the story, Artificial Kabi has become common enough for personal combat items to be created with it, including a close-combat sword given to Sasaki. It is unknown whether the sword required a Placenta handle in order for it to be used.

Core Penetrating Projectile

Artificial Kabi shaped like a bullet

The Core Penetrating Projectile is a weapon which can defeat the Gauna.

The CPP is a 40mm projectile with an artificial kabi as its core. The kinetic energy and heavy mass of the composite shell punches through the placenta and penetrates the Gauna core to deliver the kabi, which destroys the core and thus kills the Gauna.

CPP is an artificial kabi weapon originaly made by Toha Heavy Industries, but is currently produced by Kunato Developments due to higher production rates than Toha Heavy Industry is able to offer. The exact details of the production of the CPPs are a tightly kept secret by Kunato Development to maintain their technological superiority as a weapons producer.

Relationship Between Kabi and Gauna

Several times in the story, it is implied that Gauna and Kabi are linked. In several incidents, Gauna or placenta are shown to react to, follow, or otherwise pay attention to Kabi or artificial Kabi, to the exclusion of other stimuli:

  • A Gauna was discovered in the same artifact where the Kabi are found.
  • Placental Hoshijiro is shown to look unerringly to where the Kabizashi are stored.
  • During the scouting of Lem IX, Gauna cluster around artificial Kabi bullets, ignoring the Garde.
  • The only material that Kabi may attach to is placenta.

While tenuous, there seems to be a relationship between Kabi and the Gauna.


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