Lem IX is a gas giant planet in the Lem system.


Planetary Structure Edit

Lem IX is a gas giant with a substantial series of rings orbiting the planet. The atmosphere of Lem contains floating masses of solid land, as well as a mixture of gasses and clouds. There appears to be plant life on the solid masses that float in the clouds of Lem IX.

Gauna Presence Edit

Lem IX is thoroughly infested with Gauna. During a scouting mission from Sidonia, both insect-like Gauna and a massive Gauna wall were discovered on Lem IX. In addition to the normal variety of Gauna, Benisuzume is found on the surface.

All Gauna were destroyed by Sidonia during and after the scouting mission to Lem IX.

Sidonia Staging Area Edit

The Sidonia set up around Lem IX as a staging area, using the natural gravity well and raw resources of Lem IX to improve Sidonia. Resources were moved from the Lem IX rings to Sidonia, where they were converted into armor plating and raw resources for Sidonia.