The Mizuki

The Mizuki (水城) is a new cruiser, designed and built by Sidonia's engineering teams, specifically designed to combat the Gauna threat in the Lem system.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Mizuki is a Tadugane-class warship, designed and built within the Sidonia, it is specifically built to combat Gauna in the large-scale battles that Sidonia began to encounter in the Lem system. Created by Toha Heavy Industries, initial hopes for the Mizuki was that it would be able to engage and defeat up to five Medium Mass Union Ships in single combat before ever reaching to Sidonia; it's an advanced small carrier warship.

At 723 meters in length with a maximum crew capacity of 1,000, it was designed to handle long range missions on its own and possesses enough firepower to rival Sidonia itself (before the upgrades). The ship has basic compliments of living quarters and a mess hall to support its crew. Built with modern humans in mind, special photosynthesis rooms are available for their crew to minimize consumption of food. A compact ship, the ship's operation's room (or CIC) is interconnected with its helm for ease of piloting commands and its sensors can be used to detect enemies as well as scan for anomalies for scientific research.

For combat, the ship itself contains an array of weapons for long range and short range combat. Its mass driver cannons, machine guns, and smoothbore cannons are used for intercepting targets at varying close ranges. At long range, it can utilize its Heigus Particle Cannon to vaporize long range targets; alternatively, it can deploy its anti-Gauna guided missile against a massive Gauna target(s). During advanced sorties, the unit have special docking capabilities to lock onto fellow ships of its class just like the Gardes units during clasp formation. It gives the ship(s) additional acceleration and propulsion power.

When deploying Guardian units to combat the enemy, they can launch from an open unpressurized hanger deck that opens on both sides of the Mizuki. With a hanger capacity of 24 Gardes units, the ship can support up to 8 combat teams. Once docked, the Guardians are stored inside the spine of the Mizuki, allowing them immediate access to the hanger deck for maintenance and repairs. Overall, the Mizuki is a formidable ship against the Gauna.

Armaments & Specifications

  • Length: 723 Meter
  • Crew Capacity: 1000
  • Guardian Capacity: 24
  • Weaponry
    • High-Output Heigus Particle Cannon
    • 2x 120cm Mass Driver Cannon
    • 4x 440mm Mass Driver Cannon
    • 16x 120cm Smoothbore Cannon
    • 12x 20mm Machine Guns
    • Anti-Gauna Guided Missile


The Mizuki was first captained by Midorikawa, who captained her on her shakedown cruise. On this shakedown cruise, she battled against the Protean Gauna, and proved herself as a capable warship.

After her shakedown cruise, Sidonia began production of a large number of Tadugane warships. Over a dozen were completed as of the latest storylines.

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