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Mozuku Kunato (岐神 海蘊 Kunato Mozuku) is Norio Kunato's 'younger sister'. She becomes infected by Ochiai's mind-controlling virus and is used as a cover for Ochiai's assistant.

Personality & Character

Mozuku is soft spoken and a subordinate to Norio Kunato. She acts as both a trusting friend and servant to Norio and shows unwavering signs of loyalty to him on multiple occasions. As such, there is not much to point out about her personality, as she does not act on her own.


She wears a long black dress with a high ruffle neck when she is serving Norio at the Kunato residence. After being infected by Ochiai, her long white hair is cut into a bob, possibly because it was cut shorter when her head was decapitated. Afterwards, she is usually seen in a black body suit.



Norio Kunato

Mozuku is often seen standing silently nearby Norio Kunato, acting as a younger sister subordinate type. When there was a gravity warning, she rushed to Kunato's side to plug in his gravity belt, and knelt beside him. Her loyalty to Norio Kunato is unwavering, almost to fault. When he proceeded to enter Ochiai's forbidden laboratory, she followed Norio despite her own advice against entering such a dangerous place. Consequently, she was attacked in the laboratory and became infected with Ochiai's mind-controlling Blood Nematode.

Tsumugi Shiraui

As Ochiai's undercover assistant, Mozuku acts as the new human pilot within Tsumugi. She seems to have an awareness of Tsumugi's emotions, even approaching Nagate to mention that Tsumugi was quite taken with him.

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