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Samari Ittan (サマリ・イッタン) is a senior gardes pilot of Sidonia. She's the squad leader of her own gardes squadron, the Samari squad.

Personality & Character

Samari is tough and stern on the battlefield, but off the battlefield she makes sure to be respected by her subordinates. However she appreciates every one of her troops, and is always saddened by a death in combat. She knows how to appreciate a skilled pilot, and is repeatedly amazed by Nagate's skills in combat. She seems to value her pilots so much that she and the whole defense squad deliberately broke orders to launch a huge rescue mission to Nagate and Hoshijiro when they went MIA. All together, Samari is caring, but firm, loyal and brave.

Skills & Abilities

  • Garde Pilot
As Samari is always assigned as a team leader, be it on defense or offense, Samari is an excellent leader, and gets frustrated when things do not go without a hitch. She is also a formidable pilot on her own, but most effecitive with a team, and often wields a Kabizashi in her Garde. Even on missions in which the risk is highest, against the Hawkmoth or the Large Mass Union ship, she's always returned to fight again.
  • Leadership
As team leader, Samari is excellent at keeping her men in line, in combat or off duty, but she also accompanies some of her soldiers around Sidonia. She's always seen with at least two comrades.

Image & Appearance

Samari is very attractive, which earns her a lot of pickup lines and innuendo from her pilots. Samari wears a skin suit like all other Garde pilots, except on the defense squad her suit had streaks of purple. As well as the other suits, there seems to be no mark of rank, but people follow her lead to the hilt anyway. Her hair is black and long, mostly tied back in a pony tail, with two thick locks of hair loose on the sides of her face. In the manga she has black eyes. In the anime, she has brown eyes.


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Notes & Trivia

  • To date no one has, and probably never will, impress Samari enough to photosynthesize with her, though she did express some interest in Tanikaze.
  • Her call number, as displayed on her Garde and her helmet, is 005, making her the 5th highest ranking Garde pilot on the ship.
  • In a group photo on the news, Samari and Tsuruuchi are part of the picture. Tsuruuchi is seen trying to embrace Samari, but she smoothly elbows him away.

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