Decivise Battle (決戦 Kessen) is the twelfth episode of season 2 of Knights of Sidonia.

Plot Edit

As the placental Shizuka removes Nagate's helmet and restrains him, Izana hacks into the Tsugumori's systems, allowing Nagate to regain control of the Gardes and deal a killing blow to the Benisuzume, leaving the Shizuka copy dormant in the cockpit. However, once Nagate releases Tsumugi, all the Gauna on Lem IX converge on them. With no ammunition left and Tsumugi too badly injured to fight, hope seems lost until a large squadron of Hayakaze-equipped pilots, including Samari, Seii, and Tsuruuchi, arrive. Yuhata, having observed the massing Gauna, decided to use Nagate to draw all the planet's Gauna into a single location, where the pilots would be able to dispose of them all at once. The squadron, hovering high over Nagate's position, wipe out the entire force of Gauna, retrieving Nagate and Tsumugi and effectively conquering the planet. with his cockpit damaged, Nagate is forced to return to Sidonia carrying the placental Shizuka in his arms, before she is put into containment. As Nagate is decorated for his bravery, Lala approaches Kobayashi and urges her to stop using him for her plans, but the captain claims that she is acting in Sidonia's best interests. Meanwhile, Kunato, while observing another incomplete chimera, claims that his main goal is at hand, and Nagate pays a visit to the place where he was raised by his grandfather, leaving behind the medal he obtained as a sign of gratitude before he and his friends are once again called to sortie.

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