Teruru Ichigaya (市ヶ谷 テルル Ichigaya Teruru) is an android that is first met on the planet Lem VII


Ichigaya Teruru is a blue-haired android, made out of artificial parts.


Teruru's personality is heavily shaped by her father. She inherited her father's prejudices against violence, and believed that Nagate was a devil who brought the Gauna to Sidonia. She also takes on the personality of a rather naive woman, especially when discussing her personal image and her feelings towards Nagate.

Like humans, she has a strong aversion to people looking at her naked form. Despite being built entirely from mechanical parts, she retains the concept of "nakedness" and desires emotional rapport with other humans.


Teruru was created by her father, Tarou Ichigaya, who believed that Gauna would not attack or interfere with purely mechanical beings. She joined her father in the colonization mission to Lem VII, and was marooned on the ocean planet when her descent shuttle crashed in the ocean. With her companions eaten by Gauna, she floated in the sea until being rescued by the Sidonia.

After her rescue from Lem VII, she finds that she is a ghost in Sidonia's machine. With no crew number, and no place to go, Nagate adopts her as her guardian, and invites her to stay with him in his home.


As an Android, she has the ability to remove and replace her limbs at will. She can also use her long hair to drift and glide throughout Sidonia's reduced gravity. Lastly, she has a hardened outer layer of skin that can morph her normal human features into a stronger, more robotic form.



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