The Type-20 unit is the most recently developed gardes unit created by Toha Heavy Industries.

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The Type-20 series is the successor to the Type 19 gardes series by Toha Heavy Industries; it is currently the most advanced gardes series in Sidonia engineering. The unit was created through combat data from Sidonia's ace pilot, Nagate Tanikaze. His past usage of the Type 19, including the High-Cost Unit's Prototype and Tsugumori Custom 2, has helped Toha refine their research & development to create the Yukimori (the first completed Type 20). The predecessor units up until now remained relatively similar in design and make, only their minor increase in performance and combat ability; the Type 20 is a game-changer in the Sidonia's long conflict with the Gauna.

The Type 20 is designed to after both the High-Cost Unit's Prototype and Tsugumori Custom 2. The High-Cost Unit's Prototype was made completely of original parts, making it the most unique gardes unit to be created; the Tsugumori Custom 2 was designed after more conventionally after its previous gardes series, making it easier in fabrication and design. However, the Type 20 takes these two design approaches, making it half Tsugumori Custom 2 and High-Cost Unit's Prototype.



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  • Although not mentioned, it is believed that the Type 20 is also the most costly unit to develop as its predecessor, the High-Cost Unit's Prototype, to have worth about 100 Type 18s to create; it is unclear how much the new series is worth since it is a mass-produced unit.

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